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Ceramic Coating

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Wrap Innovations is the gold standard for car wrapping services in New Zealand.


Ceramic Coating

Wrap Innovations uses a high-performance in-house ceramic coating, offering unparalleled hardness. The coating can be applied to all surfaces, we can wrap rubber, plastic and glass as well as paint.

Your vehicle deserves the best protection from the rigours of the road, and our specialty ceramic treatment is perfect for the job. Not only will your vehicle be protected from small projectile damage such as minor road debris and paint chips, but the ceramic coating gives a long-lasting finish, giving your vehicle that ‘newly detailed’ look. The effect is a result that offers protection from road debris, water, chemicals and even UV light.

Reach out today so we can get your car protected ASAP. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can breathe easy knowing your vehicle is protected.

What is

Ceramic Coating?

During this process, we cover the vehicle in a specialised ceramic material, similar to wax. This adds numerous protection benefits. It is common to do on top of a vehicle wrap, giving double protection to your paint job and providing extra wear protection for your new wrap.

We believe any vehicle would benefit from this process – we are always busy applying this highly effective form of protection to our clients vehicles.

Wrap Innovations Red Mercedes - Wrap Innovations - Car Wrap, Blackout, Window Tinting Specialist Wellington
Wrap Innovations BMW Ceramic coating Wellington - Wrap Innovations - Car Wrap, Blackout, Window Tinting Specialist Wellington

Why Get A
Ceramic Coating?

The main reason for applying a ceramic coating is the added protection against stains, scratches and road debris.

The process fortifies the resell value of the car, protecting the factory paint and dramatically reducing degradation.

A ceramic coating will also benefit a newly vinyl wrapped car, often increasing the lifetime of the vinyl by at least a year or more.

This is an ideal alternative if you don’t want to commit to full polyurethane wrap. While our Full Paint Protection Wraps are certainly the best defence your car can have, a ceramic coating still provides a great alternative at a lower cost.

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